The Best Options for You to Find Endometriosis Treatment Singapore

It is important that you and your chosen specialist focus on the best options for you to find endometriosis treatment Singapore. It does not matter whether your treatment options are hormones, pain relief, or surgery. Without treatment, you cannot live a normal life the way you had hoped to live. Do you really want to throw in the towel and let endometriosis win?

The Pain Medications for You

In most cases, pain relief can be found by taking over the counter medications. This is mostly so that you can avoid having menstrual cramps that are more than you can bear. However, if you are still in a lot of pain during that time of the month or if you have extreme pain during or after intercourse, you may be able to get more help from your doctor. There are several mild pain pills that can provide relief, but they are still stronger than over the counter medications.

If you prefer more natural pain treatment options, you can use warm baths, heating pads, or medication for PMS symptoms. Regular exercise may also with pain relief. There are some women who choose to try acupuncture, which is also likely to provide relief without major drugs.

The Hormone Treatment Options

Birth controls pills, patches, and even vaginal rings often help with the symptoms that most women with endometriosis have. It works by controlling the hormones that are most responsible for the buildup of tissue and it can also work to reduce the pain that you may be feeling. If that does not work, you may be put on stronger hormones that block the production of the ovarian stimulators that your body produces each month. These drugs prevent you from having a monthly cycle and therefore reduce the risk of your endometriosis getting worse.

The Best Treatment for Mom’s Who Want Children

Birth control and ovulation control medications do not give much of an opportunity to women who want to have children. This is where surgery may be most beneficial. You can use hormones until you are ready for a child, and then have surgery to ensure you can conceive and/or carry it to full term. The specialist will go in with a procedure that is called laparoscopy to remove as much of the endometriosis as possible, as long as there is no risk of damaging the uterus or your ovaries. Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that you should not have done unless it is necessary for you to do it, but having it done can increase your chances of a natural conception.

The Final Option

In some cases, endometriosis can become so severe that you will have to consider a hysterectomy. This is why you should seek treatment early. It is a procedure that will remove your ovaries, uterus and cervix if needed. This is only done if you are in severe pain and the other options have not helped to get relief for you. It will eliminate your chances of having children of your own.

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